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our Curriculum

Sunny Hill is proud to follow a high-scope curriculum and classroom style. All children are welcome to explore, interact, and use their creative imagination to create a purposeful play experience. Our teachers support and add value to your children's learning experience by catering to their developmental needs - so when it is time, they are prepared to begin school and ready to learn. Our theme-based curriculum runs on a three-year rotation to ensure returning students have a diverse educational experience.


Each month the following topics are covered:

  • Three letters of the alphabet

  • Two numbers

  • Single colors

  • Single shapes

Our teachers use these themes to integrate literacy, social studies, mathematics, music, and art. In addition, our teachers consider the total needs of the children and use the themes to invite new learning strategies.

As we consider the total child and who they are, we will include structured and unstructured play, emphasizing acceptance of self and others, imaginative play, outside play, class integration, and socializing.

Various materials and equipment are available for large and small muscle development. The high-scope model has over fifty years of research to support its curriculum.

The following activities enhance the development of the child

Creative Dramatics
Role Playing
Rhythm and Movement

Resource People
Children's Literature
Field Trips


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